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Belgian Design: Universo Positivo + Notre Monde

5 December 2016 2


Belgian Design, Universo Positivo, Notre Monde, furniture design, home accessories, Belgium, Antwerp, design tour, bloggers tour

As someone who travels a lot and is interested in design, I always wonder if there is country specific design. You know like typical German design, French design, Italian design. Sometimes we seem to have a certain notion of a country’s design aesthetic, but as with many other aspects of modern life, the boundaries have gotten blurry.…

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Antwerp Travel Tips: The darling city

28 November 2016 4


Antwerp, travel tips, travel guide, Belgium, travel blog, Belgian design, visit Antwerp

Mid October I spent a wonderful weekend with seven ladies – all of them good friends and fellow design bloggers from across Europe. We gathered in the Belgian port city of Antwerp as part of the Function + Form event series.…

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From Place To Space: Quaint Bruges In Belgium

17 March 2014 1


Traveling keeps my mind alert, my spirit alive and my curiosity perpetuated. Unfortunately, it also makes me eat too much, indulge too often and blow my budget. Bruges, the quaint little town in Belgium, was especially guilty for the former shortcoming.…

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From Place To Space: Brussels

21 November 2011 0


It’s time for a new trip to gather interior inspiration. Ready? Buckle up and join me on a happy voyage to the charming Belgian capital (and technically speaking, the capital of the European Union) Brussels. The Atomium is supposed to be one of the city’s landmarks, but I am way more drawn to the old part of the town with magnificent buildings and facades that take you on the fast lane to past centuries and refined visual aesthetics.…

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