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Design In Berlin: Styling For ‘Fashion For Home’

19 December 2013 0


This Monday I have told you about our great design blogger tour to Berlin in THIS post. Today I want to continue with the design story from the German capital by showing you one of the highlights: Our styling challenge for Berlin based ‘Fashion for Home’. Some of you know that I am a fan of ‘Fashion for Home’ – for example, my coffee table is from one of their collection and I blogged about it HERE.…

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From Place To Space: Design Fun In Berlin

15 December 2013 1


Two weeks ago I set off for an early bird flight from Munich to Berlin to attend a four days design blogger tour in the German capital. This was the second design blogger tour after Copenhagen. I was looking forward to meeting my fellow bloggers and friends and exploring design in the popular city of Berlin.…

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Home Tour: A Gallery Home In Berlin

6 February 2013 0


Seven years ago I lived for a short period of time in the German capital Berlin. Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German metropolis has transformed itself into a vibrant hub for creatives from all over the world.…

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From Place To Space: Berlin

26 December 2011 0


Hello back my happy readers! I hope you had a great Christmas feast with your family and friends and got lovely presents! Had good food? Well then let’s work that off by taking a little inspiring trip. Destination today: Berlin. The bustling and vibrant capital of Germany.  A few years ago I made an internship in Berlin and worked in the downtown city area named Berlin-Mitte.…

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