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Happy Birthday ‘Salut’ From Cassis, France

13 May 2013 0


Champagne for my friends! Where are you? I am waiting for all of you right here in the swanky little town of Cassis on the Côte d’Azur, France. I have a chilled bottle of bubbles waiting for us. So if you are not just around the corner, I am toasting with you virtually directly from the south of France.…

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Ideas For A Happy {Birthday} Weekend

12 May 2012 0


Start each day like it’s your birthday! What a fabulous slogan. What I plan to do: Treat myself with a big ice cream after a long office day Buy some expensive peonies just because I like them Throw a dinner party for my friends Book a ticket to the south on short notice Disconnect for a whole (!!) day Go to the cinema – alone Cook a new, yummy dish in my challenging kitchenette Imagine where I want to see myself in five years Oh, and I will celebrate my birthday this Sunday.…

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