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Notes from a Digital Life

31 March 2022 12


digital lifestyle, influencer, working from home, blogging, digital work

Hello dear readers (if there are any readers left)! What happened to blogging? If only I knew. I have lost a bit my mojo I think. Also this digital life has become quite draining – I kind of feel it more and more after almost three years of freelancing and mostly working by myself from home.…

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Life lately

24 May 2016 5


I am typing these words with a certain level of guilt. Why? I just noticed that my last blogpost is already one week old and by my earlier standards I would have updated the blog twice in the meantime. But we change over time and so do standards, right?…

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Big Blogger News

15 August 2012 0


Hello my dear friends! After ten days of revitalizing offline holidays in Serbia I am back – full with energy, optimism, and happiness of course. And I admit – I’ve missed you all! Of course I will share some lovely holiday inspiration from Serbia with you soon – keep an eye on one of the upcoming ‘From Place To Space’ posts.…

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Blogger Happiness

6 February 2012 0


Today is a great day to tell you about how happy I am with blogging. I had a rather tough day at work. Lots of tasks, tight time schedules, calls, meetings, frustration. A long grey and stressful Monday. Then I got home pretty late, pretty beat.…

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