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Scandinavian Blues with Muuto

6 January 2016 4


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Winter seems to go well with blues, colour and music that is. It is a period with lots of moody weather (at least here on the northern hemisphere), the desire to cocoon in your nest, to contemplate and reflect. Honestly, when I write these words I feel like that is what I want in fact, but quite often I happen to not be in such a quiet and relaxed mood, not even in the moodiest winter time.…

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How to create a moodboard

27 May 2015 5


Yesterday I presented my first moodboard ever on my Facebook page and Instagram account. It was a little collaboration with Farrow & Ball including a giveaway. When I was asked to do the moodboard I felt challenged - because I have never done a moodboard but I admire all the talented people out there who manage to pin down their ideas in a visual and inspiring moodboard. So this was reason enough to take on the challenge!

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Smood

17 December 2014 2


Today’s blog post comes with a few excuses and apologies as a preface. First of all, apology for inviting you unintentionally into my messy bed (ooops), excuse me for the chaos and ignore the fact that I have no sheet on my mattress.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

14 October 2014 0


If I tell you that blue is my favorite colour, I will not surprise you, right? No wonder then that this bedroom caught my eye in an instant. When I spotted the interior styling in this bedroom I was totally inspired – I immediately wanted new blue bedlinen and I wanted to redecorate my bedroom area. Blue…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

6 August 2014 0


Here is a little thought I have from time to time while writing my Wednesday column: Is shopping a bad thing? More precisely: Do I have to feel guilty every time I buy a new little decor item or home accessories?…

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