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Home & Studio of a Greek Artist

15 November 2016 2


Greek artist, Manousos Chalkiadakis, ceramics, paintings, art, Greece, Crete, home tour, studio tour, ceramic studio

Spending the vacations in Greece can be more than just sun, fun, and beach. During my recent trip to Crete I visited the home and studio of a Greek artist named Manousos Chalkiadakis. Manousos is a painter, photographer, ceramicist, and a very welcoming host.…

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Styling Idea: Kitchen Towel Art

11 July 2016 4


Citta Design, New Zealand, New Zealand design, interior styling, styling tip, styling idea, living room, bohemian, boho style

It’s been now almost 4 months since my trip to New Zealand and some of my souvenirs come only now into action. During my Auckland trip I went to one of New Zealand’s great interior brands, Citta Design, and I couldn’t help but shop and bring some souvenirs of Kiwi design to my own home.…

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Time Out Moments At Home

1 July 2016 3


interior styling, bedroom, time out moment, COSxHAY, interior design, boho, bohemian

We all need them, we all must have them: Our time out moments at home. You know, the kind of moments that you take for yourself entirely. When you put on your favorite record and dance along, when you crawl into bed with a book, when you enjoy a coffee on the sofa, when you tend to your plants.…

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