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Love Yourself & Live Your Style

14 February 2017 3


interior styling, live your style, personal home, boho style, bohemian, personal home, boho

Yes I know today is a sort of special day. I hear it’s Valentine’s Day, ha! And whatever you think of this day and whatever your life situation is – I already highlighted one fact a few times here on the blog.…

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Berlin Shopping Tip: Nandi Concept Store

7 February 2017 2


Nandi, Berlin, concept store, shopping, homeware, boho, bohemian, cactus silk, boho shopping

Now there are truly many reasons why you should visit Berlin. Yet there is one more good reason to visit the German capital if you love interior styling. Even more so if you love unique items collected from all around the world.…

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Time Out Moments At Home

1 July 2016 3


interior styling, bedroom, time out moment, COSxHAY, interior design, boho, bohemian

We all need them, we all must have them: Our time out moments at home. You know, the kind of moments that you take for yourself entirely. When you put on your favorite record and dance along, when you crawl into bed with a book, when you enjoy a coffee on the sofa, when you tend to your plants.…

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