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From Place To Space: Copenhagen + Book

8 September 2014 2


‘Paris is always a good idea’ – most of us know this famous quote by Audrey Hepburn. I totally agree with her. But I would add another quote: Copenhagen is always a good idea, too! I was lucky enough to travel several times to the Danish capital and get a better understanding of why Copenhagen seems to be the place for the happiest people on earth.…

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Book Review: The House Gardener

31 July 2014 0


As an avid ‘Urban Jungle Blogger’ I was very impatient to get my fingers on the latest book of London based author Isabelle Palmer, ‘The House Gardener’. After her successful first book ‘The Balcony Gardener’ (I reviewed it HERE), the new book focuses on small-space gardening in interiors.…

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Book Review: ‘Home For Now’ By Joanna Thornhill

5 June 2014 0


I’ve been living in a rented apartment for seven years now and that includes all restraints of a rented space – double-checking before painting the walls, reconsidering every nail hammered into the wall, no major changes regarding layout or buying customized furniture.…

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Bed & Breakfast…And A Good Book

16 May 2014 0


The weekend is just ahead of us and it’s been now a week that I am back home. No matter how good and great the vacations are, there is no feeling like coming back home. No hotel, no airbnb, no bed & breakfast can replace the own home and the own bed.…

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