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Munich Interiors

23 October 2015 2


Munich, interiors, interior design, München, new book, Munich interiors

There is one risk (among others) when you are a blogger: you end up circling in the same blogger world, looking for inspiration on other blogs, peeking into other bloggers’ homes and so on. Sometimes it feels like you forget that there are other people out there who (probably) have no touch point with interior blogs whatsoever.…

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Book Review: The Shopkeeper’s Home

14 October 2015 4


The Shopkeepers Home, Caroline Rowland, book review, retail design, interiors book

Today’s creative crowd is comprised of an ever growing array of personalities with different skills. Designers, writers, photographers, artists, crafters, artisans, bloggers – and shopkeepers. Independent retailers have been emerging all around the world over the past few years opening little gems where retailing is not an impersonal experience in spaces with grid floor plans to maximize profitability.…

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A book for the perfect host

23 September 2015 3


Herzlich Willkommen, new book, table setting, Steffi Luxat

Do you love to host guests, to set the table, to cook up a fine dinner and welcome beloved people? If so I have a great and new book to recommend: Herzlich Willkommen (literally: Cordially welcome). Yes the book is in German but it also speaks in a language we all understand – visual aesthetics.…

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New Designers Guild Book: Meeting Tricia Guild

20 November 2013 0


Last week I was invited to attend the launch party of Tricia Guild’s latest book ‘Colour Deconstructed’ or ‘Colour Farbräume’ in German. The event was held at the German headquarters of Designers Guild in Munich (their third European branch after London and Paris).…

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