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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

12 October 2013 0


So how about this idea for the weekend: Packing a suitcase and traveling? Now don’t tell me I am traveling all the time. It’s just a basic trip to my family back in Austria, so nothing all too exciting. But taking into consideration that I haven’t seen my family in two months, it is pretty exciting!…

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See you soon!

14 September 2013 1


I’ve been waiting quite a while for this day – it’s the start of my annual big vacations! I’ve blogged on my travel feature about my upcoming trips, dwellings, plans. And now it is time all this happens for real. I am already in Paris and tomorrow I am boarding the plane to Seattle.…

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How Sensual Is Your Home?

21 June 2013 0


Home is our emotional heartland – a place to restore our balance. Home is your corner of the world. Time to be slow, time to dream, time to read. One of the biggest luxuries in modern life is unscheduled, uncommitted time.…

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Book Review: Gypset Travel

16 May 2013 0


Hello there my friends! I am back after a whirlwind of travels – from Paris to the Provence, the French Riviera, back to Paris, then Munich and then Berlin. Phew, what an itinerary! Well you can imagine that it was beyond beautiful and inspiring (more about my trips soon on the blog).…

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Funky & Happy Home: Peek Into A Colorful Book

2 May 2013 0


Last week I was invited to the press launch party for the German issue of Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau’s  book ‘Happy Home’ or as it is entitled in Germany ‘Funky Home’. Now many of you know that Charlotte is the founder, owner and creative mind of the Danish brand RICE, offering the probably happiest, quirkiest and most colourful selection of home accessories.…

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