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Lost in Plantation: Botanical Garden Belgrade

17 October 2016 4


Lost in Plantation, botanical garden, Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade travel tips, Botanical garden Belgrade

Sometimes life just bites us. The email inbox is flooded. The to-do list is growing. And our ‘mojo’ seems lost in translation. Luckily there is one solution in almost every bigger city. One way to calm our mind and root our being: botanical gardens.…

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Lost in Plantation: Chicago Garfield Park Conservatory

3 February 2016 3


Lost in Plantation, Botanical Garden, Chicago, Garfield Park Conservatory, Urban Jungle Bloggers

Today’s ‘Lost in Plantation’ post takes us to a wonderful botanical garden in Chicago. Now if you wondered how I managed to get to Chicago to snap some beautiful plants, stop wondering: these beautiful plant images have been contributed by a local Chicago creative, Marco of the beautifully curated shop Alapash New Home offering terrariums and other botanical inspired items.…

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Lost in Plantation: Succulent Plant Collection Zurich

20 November 2015 6


Succulent Plant Collection, Zurich, Sukkulenten Sammlung Zürich, Switzerland, Lost in Plantation, succulents, botanical gardens

During my last visit to Zurich the weather was pretty damp and chilly. Unlike the hot and arid climate preferred by succulents. Yet it is in Zurich that one of the world’s largest succulent plant collection has settled sind 1931. Cacti, agaves, aloes are just a few of the more than 6,500 succulent species in the Succulent Plant Collection in Zurich, Switzerland.…

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Lost In Plantation

26 April 2015 4


I love traveling. I love all the inspiration I bring back from my many trips. I also love plants. And combining both is the perfect equation for me. But sometimes you don’t even have to go away to spend a special holiday.…

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