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Mindful Living With The New Craftsmen

24 March 2015 7


In today’s consume-focused society we tend to buy for the sake of buying, we add things to our homes because we want them, we tend to clutter our everyday life without a big deal of reflection. On the other hand, we can see more and more people and brands focusing on the essentials in life, focusing on good, handmade work by craftsmen around the globe.…

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Interior Inspiration In 91 Magazine

19 June 2014 0


A regular fix of mine for interior inspiration are the numerous e-magazines available. One of those is the British 91 Magazine – it features home stories, thrifty and crafty ideas for the own home, interviews with creatives and more. Moreover, it is probably the e-mag with the strongest vintage focus of all e-mags I know.…

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A Design Walk In London

20 March 2013 1


The British Week on Happy Interior Blog continues. Today I’d like to make you feel the ‘design pulse’ of one of London’s super popular neighbourhoods, Notting Hill. During the ‘Meet the Blogger’ conference in London I was very happy to join the fabulous design walk organised by the impeccable London coinnesseur Tina Bernstein.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Etsy UK Picks

19 March 2013 0


We continue with our ‘British Week’ on Happy Interior Blog. All eyes on the Brits and their creativity! Ever since I attended last year’s London Design Festival I am convinced that the UK is a leading design nation full of creativity.…

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New Designs By Sian Elin Thomas

17 September 2012 0


Welsh designer Sian Elin Thomas will be launching a new collection of textiles and wallpaper at this year’s London Design Festival. Tent London will be the official launch of her new range including cushions, tea towels and wallpaper. Surface pattern designer Sian Elin Thomas has created a new range of wallpaper and textiles to mirror her fascination for the built environment.…

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