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Before & After: Home Styling Part Three

25 April 2013 0


Styling your home can be the best activity ever. Trust me. It is so fun and so challenging at the same time. During my interior styling online course by Justina Blakeney I was asked to restyle five areas of my home: The coffee table and sofa (part one, see HERE), the console and bookshelf (part two, see HERE) and the bed & nightstand – today’s final part three!…

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From Place To Space: Cape Cod

13 February 2012 0


By now, I hope many of you got used to our little inspirational trips on Mondays. To keep the tradition, let’s buckle up and head off to a new destination where we’ll discover nature, sights, food and interiors. Today we are visiting one of the most beautiful corners of the United States – Cape Cod.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: For Little Sailors

7 February 2012 0


I guess everybody knows the magic story of Peter Pan. The story of a mischievous little boy that never ages. Sometimes, I admit, I am a Peter Pan myself. A boy within who wants to fly and sail away. And truth be told, being a child within is essential – to keep us open-minded, to embrace the world and remember the simple things that used to bring so much joy and happiness in our childhood.…

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