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New coffee table, planter + music at home

20 June 2016 3


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Recently I was thinking about why some people seem to constantly dislike their home and what they have at home. I am pretty sure there are like dozens of reasons, but one could be that people see their home as a static place, as an unchangeable constant that will only experience alteration if it is inevitable, think of broken furniture, worn out rugs, cracked frames.…

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Before & After: Home Styling Part One

10 April 2013 0


There is a wonderful French proverb saying: ‘Il vaut mieux un petit chez soi, qu’un grand chez les autres.’ It means basically: There’s no place like (our own small) home. Particularly true in my case when I think of my shoebox sized apartment.…

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How About Some Fashion For Home?

10 September 2012 0


Forget the New York Fashion Week. I am talking serious stuff here. Tangible stuff. I am talking about ‘Fashion For Home‘. Who wouldn’t like a bit of fashion for the own dwelling, right? I added a stylish bit of fashion to my home with a new highlight – a brand new coffee table made of walnut wood with a refined white metal detail between the top and the table’s legs.…

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Sophisticated Design: Matthias Ferwagner

7 June 2012 0


Last week I talked about German design here and many of you responded very positively to it. Thus, I thought it was a good idea to highlight yet another young and aspiring German design talent: Matthias Ferwagner. Not only was he born in the city of Happy Interior Blog, in Munich, but he is also a master of sophisticated design.…

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