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Fun & Function: The New Brabantia Collection

9 October 2014 0


There are some corners in our homes that tend to be forgotten when it comes to design. Or maybe not forgotten as much as neglected. Think of very utilitarian things and areas: the washing room, the storeroom, the bin, the laundry basket, soap dispensers and similar.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

28 May 2013 0


Sometimes we look with awe at fancy living rooms, swanky bedrooms, gleeful nurseries, colourful kitchens. But what about the hallway? Sometimes this link between rooms gets pretty neglected. It is this ‘pass through’ area that has to host many practical facilities and notoriously frequented by the owners, guests, kids.…

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Funky & Happy Home: Peek Into A Colorful Book

2 May 2013 0


Last week I was invited to the press launch party for the German issue of Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau’s  book ‘Happy Home’ or as it is entitled in Germany ‘Funky Home’. Now many of you know that Charlotte is the founder, owner and creative mind of the Danish brand RICE, offering the probably happiest, quirkiest and most colourful selection of home accessories.…

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