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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

23 February 2013 0


Happy weekend, my friends! Finally those so precious two free days arrived and I am out and about to accomplish my little tasks: Going to my favorite bakery to buy fresh, dark German bread and pastries, I will fetch a bunch of fresh tulips on the market, snap a few pics in my apartment (oh it’s only on weekends that I can take pics with natural light at home), I will meet up with a friend for an afternoon coffee and I will cook some  ‘soul food’ to fight the snowy days – a winter minestrone as seen HERE and I will bake a Swedish almond cake as seen HERE.…

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An Afternoon With Sweet Paul Magazine

29 May 2012 0


Hello folks! Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend! I certainly did. The good thing about long weekends is you finally get to do all the things that you’ve procrastinated during the past days and weeks. I had a pile of books and magazines to go through and enjoyed a warm and lazy afternoon on my sofa enjoying the spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine.…

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New Shop: Mignon Kitchen Co.

23 January 2012 0


Do you know that feeling when you click on a link, a website pops open, and from the very first sight you know: I enjoy this, I love this, I so need to blog this! Well, that exactly happened yesterday when I clicked on the link to a very new online shop called Mignon Kitchen Co.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Kitchen Friends

17 January 2012 0


One thing I’d like to do more often is cooking. I’d love to spend more time in the kitchen (to be honest, first I’d like to have a decent kitchen and not a teenie-tiny kitchenette) and try out some concoctions found in inspiring cooking books and on Pinterest (oh yes, Pinterest has turned into an online cooking book, too).…

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