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Design cottage in Normandy

20 January 2016 3


cottage, country home, countryside, French home, French interiors, interior styling, rustic homes, design cottage, Normandy, A+B Kasha, interior design, interior styling

As a city guy I am always smitten by cool, personal and lived-in urban homes overlooking city rooftops, with bakeries, cafés, shops and bars on the reach of the hand. But as an avid Urban Jungle Blogger I am more and more enchanted by beautiful cottages on the countryside, with a relaxed, cosy interior styling and lush gardens and nature right at the doorstep.…

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Vineyards & Flowers: Visiting Saint-Émilion

30 November 2015 3


Visiting Saint-Émilion, Saint-Émilion, wine village, France, travel tips, travel blog

The year 2015 is nearly over and with all the recent events on our planet it feels like it was not a very good one for humanity. However, this year was also filled with personal moments of happiness and joy, wonderful new discoveries, many trips and moments of peace and beauty.…

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