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Decorating With Wine Crates

5 December 2014 1


As someone who loves interior design, decorating and styling, I am always intrigued by new projects in my tiny apartment (or elsewhere for that matter). One of those interesting and challenging styling projects I always wanted to try at home is styling with wine crates – like HERE.…

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Book Review: Decorating With Plants

4 December 2014 2


As a plant lover and passionate Urban Jungle Blogger I was intrigued to get my fingers on the book ‘Decorating with Plants’ by Japanese plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto. The book promises to reveal ‘the art of using plants to transform your home’.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

2 December 2014 0


What is the heart of your home? Is it the kitchen where the family comes together to cook, eat and socialize? Is it the living room where you spend relaxed and playful times? Or is it the bedroom as the most intimate space where you unwind from the daily routine?…

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Forest Inspired Vignette

28 November 2014 2


Autumn mist, crisp air, the wilderness of the forest – all these seasonal elements inspired me to a little vignette. I love to play around at home from time to time and go through my piles of props. This vignette has been triggered by a vintage oil painting that I had found recently online.…

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Giveaway: Win Art For Your Walls By Ixxi

21 November 2014 0


Have you heard of ixxi? If you love art on your walls this is the way to go! Ixxi is the perfect solution for wall art in rented spaces or if you do not want to harass your walls with a hammer, nails or a drilling machine – because the ixxi art is simply attached and detached without trace once you want to change your wall decor!…

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