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The Home Of Artist Ana Kras

7 August 2014 2


‘It’s an improvisation of an apartment’ says Ana Kras, the Serbian designer who has relocated to New York City’s Lower East Side a few weeks ago. Most of her belongings are still with her parents in Belgrade, Serbia, and in her previous home in L.A.…

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Happily Ever After: Donna Wilson

10 January 2013 0


I am a firm believer that home accessories can contribute to our happiness. Let me give you a descriptive example: I am a jolly good fellow. Almost all the time. But not in the early morning. I am just no morning person (as much as I would like to change it).…

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Happily Ever After: Young German Design

9 November 2012 0


Today I would like to present you a great young German designer in the blog series ‘Happily Ever After’: Sascha Grewe. He is an utterly talented young man with a witty sense for design and most certainly lots of happiness in his work.…

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How About Some Fashion For Home?

10 September 2012 0


Forget the New York Fashion Week. I am talking serious stuff here. Tangible stuff. I am talking about ‘Fashion For Home‘. Who wouldn’t like a bit of fashion for the own dwelling, right? I added a stylish bit of fashion to my home with a new highlight – a brand new coffee table made of walnut wood with a refined white metal detail between the top and the table’s legs.…

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Happily Ever After: Designer Ana Kras

16 August 2012 2


Before I left for my family vacations to Serbia, I cheered you good bye with a picture of the ‘Bonbon Lamps’ by Serbian designer Ana Kras. Today, I want to use the opportunity to present this amazing (and beautiful) designer to you in more detail. …

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