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Interior Design Algebra: Pattern + Colour + Plant

11 September 2014 0


Algebra is not as boring as it seems. It just depends on what kind of arithmetic items you choose. In my case I like to add, substract, multiply or divide with interior design and decoration elements. Today’s equation is a very simple yet effective one: Add one unit of patterns to a nice unit of colour and add another item from the plant section and the result will be visual splendor. …

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

2 April 2014 0


When you look at today’s product recommendations for the home, what country would you think of instantly? Anything coming to your mind? The ethnic home pieces are not a mere compilation out of the blue, they are basically a little visual preparation for my next big trip end of April.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

12 March 2014 0


Yesterday’s room on my blog inspired me for a little colorful restyling in my home – with ethnic accents. As much as I love clean and cool Scandinavian looks, I can’t escape my Balkan roots and I love ethnic elements – colours, patterns, think of kilims and patterned throws.…

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