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How to create a moodboard

27 May 2015 5


Yesterday I presented my first moodboard ever on my Facebook page and Instagram account. It was a little collaboration with Farrow & Ball including a giveaway. When I was asked to do the moodboard I felt challenged - because I have never done a moodboard but I admire all the talented people out there who manage to pin down their ideas in a visual and inspiring moodboard. So this was reason enough to take on the challenge!

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

10 September 2014 0


As an interior design blogger I am always pondering various options when it comes to interiors – obviously, right? One of those options are wallpapers. Some like them. Some hate them. Some say they are old-fashioned. Others say they are trending and cool.…

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Colour Trends 2014

6 December 2013 1


Day by day we are reaching the end of 2013. There is a good bunch of festive days in between, but soon we will all greet a new and hopefully prosperous new year 2014. Inevitably we are thinking of new beginnings, new resolutions, new design projects.…

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Wall Painting Project With Farrow & Ball

30 August 2013 0


A few weeks ago I was tweeting in desperation that I am getting my walls painted in my apartment. In the middle of it all I was really saying to myself: Why, oh why did I start all of this!? Everything was moved out of my apartment or shuffled around, I had to clean it and reorganize everything.…

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