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Home Textiles From Finland By ‘Saana ja Olli’

28 August 2014 0


It’s like two years ago that I discovered the Finnish design duo ‘Saana ja Olli’ for the first time. It was more or less love at first sight and I purchased one of their cushions immediately that I dearly love ever since (you can see the blue cushion HERE).…

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Happily Ever After: Marimekko

20 April 2012 0


Today I am such a good mood that I need to add a good splash of colour to my day. I’ve worked and now I am sitting at the Munich airport and waiting for my flight to Paris. So in order to tame my hunger for colour, I thought I’d share one of my beloved brands that is so iconic with patterns and colours for me: the Finnish brand Marimekko.…

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