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Happy New Year, Folks!

1 January 2014 0


Happy new year my friends! I just wanted to quickly stop by from Paris and wish you all a fabulous start into this exciting new year. As some of you know I am currently in Paris and last night I celebrated the New Year’s Eve with good friends at the lovely Paris home of my friend and fellow blogger Lindsey of ‘Lost In Cheeseland’.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

9 March 2012 0


To be honest, I wanted to start this blogpost by telling you how totally depleted I’m feeling after a terribly busy week. But then I might sound like an ever nagging wimp. However, that busy lifestyle got me thinking. I suddenly realized that I run like a machine – get up, go to work, work your a** off, go home, eat, shower, blog, try to read, fall asleep.…

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