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Belgian Design: Universo Positivo + Notre Monde

December 5, 2016 2


Belgian Design, Universo Positivo, Notre Monde, furniture design, home accessories, Belgium, Antwerp, design tour, bloggers tour

As someone who travels a lot and is interested in design, I always wonder if there is country specific design. You know like typical German design, French design, Italian design. Sometimes we seem to have a certain notion of a country’s design aesthetic, but as with many other aspects of modern life, the boundaries have gotten blurry.…

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Design Made In France: TipToe

December 11, 2014 0


As a francophile person I figured it would be good to make space for some young and creative design made in France. Such as TipToe. The concept of customizable furniture might not be new, but it still is such a nice way to actually offer more possibilities to create unique pieces for the home.…

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