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Little Boho Makeover At Home

August 22, 2014 2


Whenever in life we feel the need for change, there is one or several reasons triggering it. When I felt like it’s time to make a little boho makeover at home, I think I was ushered by an inner drive caused by the warm summer weather, my recent trip to Serbia, the general desire to explore the world, colour inspiration from the streets.…

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Giveaway: Art For Your Walls!

November 8, 2013 0


Currently I am in the midst of my own little restyling project at home. One of my tasks is a little gallery wall above my new sofa. Since I have quite a few framed art prints at home I started playing around with them, holding them against the wall and marking the desired placement with masking tape to get a better feeling for the look of the upcoming gallery wall.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

August 27, 2013 0


Sometimes it’s a single things that catches my eye, sometimes it’s a compositions, an entire setting that draws my attention. Today’s chosen room, a lovely living room, belongs to the latter option. Here it’s the entire composition that catches my eye and inspires me to ongoing little redecoration projects in my own home.…

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If I Was A Rich Boy (Na, Na, Na…): Art Lust!

July 12, 2013 0


I really, really love nice things to hang on the walls or lean on them. It is a little crush of mine. Actually, I am currently working on a gallery wall but that takes time – it must grow almost organically:-) Most of the time I buy pretty affordable art prints and illustrations.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

June 3, 2013 0


Now this is a happy room, right? The colours, the patterns, the personal touches – this room tells the story of its owner. I imagine the owner to be a creative, cheerful person, always with a smile on and a healthy sense of humour.…

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