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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

27 July 2013 0


Phew, it’s weekend my friends! And I am desperately in need of it, even though it’s going to be a boiling hot one here in Munich. This week has been incredibly busy, chaotic, surprising and cool. But let me just put it down in a few bullet points what has marked this week: I painted my entire apartment with a few feature walls in the most amazing grey shades ‘Down Pipe’ and ‘Plummet’ from Farrow & Ball.…

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Happy Guest: Happy Mundane

5 October 2012 0


I love finding interior inspiration from magazines, blogs, websites, and stores, but one of my favorite sources is vintage decorating books. I’ve been collecting these books for many years and can not resist checking out the interiors/decor section of any used bookstore, thrift store, or vintage shop I pass by.…

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Happy Guest: Vosgesparis

4 October 2012 0


When Igor asked me to write a guest post for you ‘happy’ readers, I had to think for a while, because he and me…we are quite different. When thinking of Igor’s blog I think of color and  for a girl like me who is known for her monochrome interiors and blog posts it is a total different world.…

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Happy Guest: Bright Bazaar

3 October 2012 0


Hello, Happy Interior Blog readers! It’s so fun to be guest blogging here today whilst Igor escapes to sunnier climes! My name is Will and I blog daily over at Bright.Bazaar about all things colourful and eclectic in interiors. I thought it would be fun to replicate one of Igor’s fab regular features, Five Happy Inspirations, so here are my top five Must Haves of the moment: 1.…

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Happy Guest: My Paradissi

2 October 2012 0


Hello Happy Interior Blog readers! I’m Eleni from My Paradissi and I’m delighted to keep you company here for a while as Mr. Igor is having some great time on his vacation. How about some bright, warm and cozy interiors to fight the mid-autumn blues?…

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