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Happy Guest: An All Natural House On Mykonos

20 September 2013 2


I’m Lisa Hjalt of the LatteLisa blog, one of happy Igor’s followers, honoured to write a guest post for him while he’s away on vacation. We all know that Igor is from Serbia, was brought up in Austria and now lives in Germany, but the funny or strange thing is that I always associate him with Greece.…

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Happy Guest: A Happy Bouquet Of Flowers

17 September 2013 0


Hello! My name is Elodie from Madame Love Blog and today I have prepared a little happy bouquet with seasonal and locally grown flowers from the Hamburg region – from Mrs. Love to Mr. Happy. I am so glad to be a guest on Igor’s blog today.…

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Happy Guest: Xmas in NYC By Urban Gardens

21 December 2012 0


Hello Happy Interior readers, I’m Robin from Urban Gardens here to share with you the holiday season from my part of the world. Sparkling lights are glowing everywhere in Manhattan. The city is alive with crowds enjoying the festive Christmas window displays in the shops along Fifth Avenue and all across town.…

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Friday’s Favorite Snapshots

13 December 2012 0


This week I was invited by fellow blogger Christine of ‘Somebody’s Home‘ to guest blog on the topic ‘home away from home’. As a passionate globetrotter and someone who has lived in various cities across Europe, I could easily connect to the topic of a home away from home.…

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Happy Guest: Happy Mundane

5 October 2012 0


I love finding interior inspiration from magazines, blogs, websites, and stores, but one of my favorite sources is vintage decorating books. I’ve been collecting these books for many years and can not resist checking out the interiors/decor section of any used bookstore, thrift store, or vintage shop I pass by.…

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