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Hello 2017! Hello happy home!

6 January 2017 6


hello 2017, interior, interior styling, happy home, creating a happy home

Hello 2017, hello dear readers! A new year, new resolutions, new chances. All lies in front of us. I hope you all had a relaxed and good start to the new year. And I wish you all the best in 2017 – may it be a particularly green one.…

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About appreciation & gratitude

21 November 2016 3


Appreciation, Gratitude, interior, interior styling, happy home, creating a personal home, happiness, Happy Interior Blog

The past weekend was wonderful: I had a full weekend at my happy home in Munich. No plans. No obligations. Since such a weekend is rather rare for me, I like to fully enjoy it. And by that I mean spending quality time.…

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Quiet Moments At Home

10 July 2014 0


Sometimes we all need a time-out. And if we don’t allow ourselves a time-out, our body will claim it by itself. That happened to me last weekend when I was knocked out by a mean cold and forced to rest. And to finally take in some quite moments at home.…

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A Little Book Break At Home

13 March 2014 0


Some people say that a book is the best way to relax. And I would definitely agree on that. After a long and busy day full of meetings, calls and emails, there’s hardly anything I am looking more forward than a quite evening on the sofa with a good book in my hands.…

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Home Update: A New Rug Adding Pattern

23 January 2014 0


With every new year I feel invigorated to add a new accent to my home. Many of you know that I am living in a tiny rooftop apartment with 32 square meters. Last weekend my food blogger Sophie friend told me this fun thing: Being an interior design blogger and living on 32 square meters, that must feel like being a food blogger who is constantly on a diet.…

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