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Happy Interior Blog Recommends…

November 19, 2014 0


Wednesday is hump day is half way to weekend is a day to treat yourself – this is the sort of weird sequence of thoughts I have on hump days. You know, little treats motivate you to tackle the remaining half of the working week and then indulge in a relaxing weekend.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Herr M

November 12, 2014 0


Two days ago I attended the launch of a US interior design platform in Germany and we got caught up in discussing what is typical German design for the US interiors market and I heard words like sleek and puristic design, industrial design, eco-friendly design.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Huzi Design

November 5, 2014 0


We make gifts for the curious, the playful, the imaginative bunch, the ones who never grow old. This is the mission of young and creative design studio called Huzi Design. Based in Hong Kong, this creative bunch of people lives the ‘back to the basic’ mantra, a design aesthetic often seen in Scandinavian and Asian approaches.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Fatboy

October 29, 2014 1


For many years the Dutch brand Fatboy used to be synonymous for bold, huge beanbags to me. But lately I’ve noticed that they slowly expanded their product range with new products like stools, cushions, rugs. But it was this year’s bloggers’ tour to Amsterdam that made me change my perception entirely.…

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Happy Interior Blog Recommends: Hunting For George

October 22, 2014 0


There are many reasons for a trip to Australia: the ocean, the beaches, summer in winter, the easy going lifestyle. And for interior maniacs like myself: ‘Hunting For George’. Truth be told, I discovered the Australian online shop only a few days ago, but it was an instant love affair: the products, the styling, the photography – every detail told me that this online shop is curated with love and passion.…

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