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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

4 May 2013 0


When you read these lines, I will already be in Austria at my family’s place – I am staying until Monday eve as we will be celebrating orthodox Easter this weekend (yes, we’re celebrating Easter very late this year). Hence, I am signing off until Tuesday when I will see you back here on Happy Interior Blog.…

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Happy Holidays, Friends!

30 March 2013 0


Here it is – the long awaited holiday weekend! Three days of leisurely time for you, your family, your friends. No matter what the weather says outside (here it sounds a bit like ‘Jingle Bells’ if you know what I mean, don’t get fooled by the pic above, that was taken last week in sunny Greece – more about that next week on the blog), make the best out of it and have a great and happy time.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

5 January 2013 0


After the holidays is before the holidays. Sounds awkward? Well, welcome to my crazy multicultural world. Being raised in a Christian orthodox family in a mostly catholic country I enjoy the pleasures of double feasting. After celebrating Christmas in December in Paris, I am headed to Austria to celebrate orthodox Christmas with my family and friends tomorrow and on Monday and Tuesday.…

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Happy Holidays From Paris!

22 December 2012 0


Here it is, the last weekend before Christmas. Now since we’ve all survived the day yesterday (you know,  21.12.12) we can look forward to happy Christmas and a great new year. As you might know, I arrived in Paris yesterday and my quest for the fabulous Paris gift box (yes, for one of YOU) starts now.…

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Happy Guest: Xmas in NYC By Urban Gardens

21 December 2012 0


Hello Happy Interior readers, I’m Robin from Urban Gardens here to share with you the holiday season from my part of the world. Sparkling lights are glowing everywhere in Manhattan. The city is alive with crowds enjoying the festive Christmas window displays in the shops along Fifth Avenue and all across town.…

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