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Travel souvenirs as home decor

21 March 2016 3


home decor, souvenirs, travel memorabilia as decor, interior decor, interior styling

There is one aspect in interior decorating that I particularly love – not only in my own home but also when I visit other people’s homes. I love when I discover interesting and beautiful items brought back from travels all around the world.…

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

8 October 2015 5


urbanjunglebloggers, plants, flowers, plants and flowers, green decor, houseplants, indoor plants, floral

With every new month and new Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I make an illusional plan ahead. This month I will take my time, this time I will prepare everything well in advance, this time I even thought of getting a really nice flower bouquet from a florist for the styling.…

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One Bedroom – Three Stylings

28 September 2015 5


interior styling, bedroom, styling with colour, vintage, bedroom styling

Since I am currently on vacation and taking in an annual amount of blue hues (join me on my trip on Instagram), I have asked the creative duo of Layer Home to fill in for me during my absence. If you have not heard of Layer Home before let me tell you one thing: they have a crush on vintage objects. …

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A book for the perfect host

23 September 2015 3


Herzlich Willkommen, new book, table setting, Steffi Luxat

Do you love to host guests, to set the table, to cook up a fine dinner and welcome beloved people? If so I have a great and new book to recommend: Herzlich Willkommen (literally: Cordially welcome). Yes the book is in German but it also speaks in a language we all understand – visual aesthetics.…

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