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5 Happy Inspirations: Nordic Vibe For Your Home

31 July 2013 0


With the hot July days and nights here in Munich, I have started to dream of cool breezes, chilly eves, the shimmering blue hues of the North. I know, summer is perfect and wonderful, it would just be perfect-er if I were on the shores of the sea or somewhere else.…

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Joining The #2Flowergirls – With Garden Roses

25 July 2013 0


There will be two groups of readers today – the ones who know about the #2Flowergirls and the others who don’t know anything about this fun monthly blog series. Actually, the two flowergirls are my friends and floral bloggers Elodie and Inga and they joined forces a few months ago and created a monthly series called #2Flowergirls with a changing floral topic.…

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Cheer Up Your Walls With Pixers

28 June 2013 0


I am (still) living in an apartment with all white walls. Still. I have intentions to change that soon. One option to spice up a happy home is – for example – a feature wall. This could be achieved either by painting only one wall or by wallpapering it.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Bodie And Fou

12 March 2013 0


Hello friends! After a few days without blogging I am back and full with new inspirations and ideas for more happiness at home. Some of you might know that I spent the last weekend in London attending the ‘Meet The Blogger’ conference.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Etsy Five

5 February 2013 0


Two weeks ago I scouted five goodies from the cute webshop ‘Der Kleine Bazar’ followed by five finds from the fab ‘Human Empire Shop’ last weekend. Today, I’m sharing five happy finds from the inexhaustibly inspiring realm of Etsy.  I guess most of you can relate to this behaviour: Usually I receive a newsletter from Etsy, I click, click again…and I am lost.…

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