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Ikea’s New Stockholm 2013 Collection

March 28, 2013 0


Elegant, a contemporary mix of mid-century designs and nature inspired hues, a grown-up look for stylish urban homes – voilà, that’s what comes to my mind when I look at the brand new Stockholm 2013 collection by Ikea which will hit the stores as of April.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

February 16, 2013 0


Happy weekend, my friends! What are you up to? No matter to tell you how much I love weekends. Sometimes, I also like to plan my little ‘Ikea weekends’. Like in most other cities, Ikea is located on the outskirts of Munich so I only get to go there on a weekend (after I’ve convinced some friends with a car to join me – and consequently drive me there).…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Good Mood Treats

May 8, 2012 0


Every Wednesday I am compiling a little round-up of goodies that inspired me this week. These five treats really boosted my good mood. Sometimes I am so simple as to be happy with a little cushion, a lovely illustration or a happy plant pot.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: A Little Guessing Game

April 24, 2012 0


Yet another Wednesday and yet another hump day – we’ve almost made it to the weekend, folks! And to cut the remaining time short I was browsing the net for five new inspirations that I love and could see myself buying…ok, you got me, I’ve already bought one of these goodies.…

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Happily Ever After: Ikea Family Live

February 10, 2012 0


I will tell you a short story that happened five years ago. Back then, I moved from Austria to Munich, Germany, to start my new life. I found a great job and loved the new city. Plus, I found a cute little apartment in the city’s heart, set atop of a building overlooking Munich’s Old Town.…

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