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9 July 2014 0


A few weeks ago I read an interesting story about the life and work of the French novelist Marguerite Duras. Ever since I feel the urge to read one of her most successful novels entitled ‘The Lover’ (L’Amant). It is an autobiographical story and placed in what nowadays is Vietnam.…

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Giveaway: Art For Your Walls!

8 November 2013 0


Currently I am in the midst of my own little restyling project at home. One of my tasks is a little gallery wall above my new sofa. Since I have quite a few framed art prints at home I started playing around with them, holding them against the wall and marking the desired placement with masking tape to get a better feeling for the look of the upcoming gallery wall.…

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City Poster Contest: My Favorites

3 May 2013 0


It’s no news that I am an avid traveler. Sometimes time and budget restrictions put a constraint on my globetrotting quest, but there are ways of discovering the world that do not involve days off and extra money. Yes, sometimes we can travel visually.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

23 April 2013 0


Have a look around the room where you are right now – what catches your eye immediately? Those salient visual cues are the essence of my Tuesday blog series ‘Why This Room Caught My Eye’. There are always a few visual cues that stand out and make a real design or styling statement.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

10 November 2012 0


For this weekend I just wanted to leave you with a short note on art. These days I’ve stumbled upon these two great illustrations by my fellow blogger and artist Barbara Ismailovic of the Krishka design studio from Belgrade, Serbia. Her two illustrations are named Silent 1 (her self portrait) and Silent 2.…

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