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New Home: Living Room Part 1

January 23, 2018 14


Sitzfeldt, leather sofa, living room, new apartment, interior design, interior styling, interior blogger

As an interiors blogger I almost feel ashamed for not covering my new home so far. After all I’ve been living in my new apartment for two months now but things take time. It took time to move, to unpack, to design a new kitchen.…

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Stylish German Blogger Home

November 2, 2015 12


Heimatbaum, home tour, German interior blogger, interior design, blogger home, interior styling, natural styling

Why do people read interior blogs? It’s a question I ask myself from time to time as an interior blogger myself. Then again it feels easy to answer it too as I am a reader of interior blogs as well. For me, the main reason to visit and read an interior blog is to get fresh inspiration for my own home.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

July 1, 2014 0


I almost feel like I have to apologize for picking yet another bedroom shot for today’s blog series (you remember last week’s fab bedroom), but when my friend Dabito of Old Brand New styles and photographs an interior you can most certainly assume it catches my eye big time.…

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