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5 Happy Inspirations: Hump Day Picks

June 19, 2013 0


Wednesdays are happy days cause they’re hump days. We’ve climbed the hump and there, at the horizon, we can spot it. The eternal goal of every week, the reason why we dig through Mondays, crawl through Tuesdays and fight through Wednesdays.…

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BLOGST Munich: Teaching A Blogger Class

April 22, 2013 0


The German blogger workshop series called BLOGST came to Munich a few days ago. The workshop in Munich was entitled BLOGST PRO – blogging for advanced bloggers. Ricarda, the mastermind behind BLOGST, asked me whether I’d be interested an co-lecturing the workshop with her and it took me two seconds to consider – I said yes!  Teaching my first blogger class was pretty exciting.…

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Happily Ever After: Art By Tush Tush

February 7, 2013 0


These days I am hooked on Etsy. It so happens that I have periods where I can’t stop browsing Etsy and one click leads to the other and before I notice, hours have passed. Can you relate to this? Well, in one of my last browsing sessions I’ve stumbled upon a fabulous Etsy store called Tush Tush.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Cushion Happiness

January 8, 2013 0


Nothing is as easy as adding a fresh, new vibe to your interior design. If you start with the simple trick of adding one or a few new cushions to your sofa or your bed, you will feel invigorated and inspired to spin on and recreate your home decor.…

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Friday’s Favorite Snapshots

October 25, 2012 0


Well my blog turned one last week so I’ve decided to tweak my content and keep you all entertained and happy. So from now on I will change Friday’s structure: Once a month I will continue to present an interior stylist, photographer, designer or another creative person that caught my attention in the series ‘Happily Ever After’.…

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