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Why This Room Caught My Eye

30 September 2014 0


Let’s face it: How many of us have drawn serious interior design inspiration from the internet? From the vast numbers of amazing interior design and decor blogs, from Pinterest and Instagram? I guess many! I am one of them! Frankly, I get massively inspired by some leading blogs like for example ‘The Design Files’.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

16 September 2014 0


Styling a bedroom can be very fun. Some like it very calm and serene, others like it more eclectic and vibrant. I think I tend to be somewhere in between with an ongoing desire to switch from one end to the other.…

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Happy Press Coverage: Sweet Living Magazine

3 June 2014 1


Today’s Tuesday post is not a usual ‘Why This Room Caught My Eye’ post for two reasons: First, I am attending the Habitat collection presentation in Paris today (see more on Instagram) and tomorrow the second issue of the new German interiors magazine ‘Sweet Living Magazine’ will hit the shops.…

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