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Stylish German Blogger Home

November 2, 2015 12


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Why do people read interior blogs? It’s a question I ask myself from time to time as an interior blogger myself. Then again it feels easy to answer it too as I am a reader of interior blogs as well. For me, the main reason to visit and read an interior blog is to get fresh inspiration for my own home.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

November 18, 2014 0


Sometimes the weather does shape our perception and forms our taste. Every season inherits this power. And autumn does has this immanent power too. My commuting between Munich and Paris has recently been padded in fog, leaden skies, low hanging clouds.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

January 14, 2014 0


Are you ready for some interior candy on this Tuesday? If so, this is the place to be! This week’s room is the living room of the Swedish photographer Therese Winberg in Stockholm. No need to mention that she herself shot this great photos and more of her home for Plaza Interiör – see it here.But why did this room catch my eye?…

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Happily Ever After: Curio Magazine

April 4, 2013 1


Interiors, people, life, style – doesn’t this sound just perfect for a relaxed afternoon on the sofa? I think it does and the British e-mag Curio Magazine offers it all. I must admit, until recently I didn’t know the magazine. A few days ago the second issue was launched and I was absolutely enchanted by it.…

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Happily Ever After: Photographer Anna Kern

July 19, 2012 0


If you are interested in interior design, styling and photography, sooner or later you end up with something blissful from Scandinavia. Pristine interiors, a refined approach to styling, and design classics to please our craving for timeless beauty. That’s how I ended up on the website of Anna Kern, a Swedish interior and lifestyle photographer.…

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