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48 Hours In London

30 June 2015 2


London, 48 hours weekend, Blogtacular, Urban Jungle Bloggers

Two weeks ago I spent a quick 48 hours in London. It was the Blogtacular weekend and I was excited to be speaking with my plant fellow Judith about our Urban Jungle Bloggers community. Our presentation was a success if you ask me: We had a big audience (even sitting on the floor as all chairs were taken) and a vivid Q&A session after our presentation.…

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Illustrator Zoë More O’Ferrall

18 May 2015 3


One of those creative minds I had the honor to meet shortly during our Bloggers Tour in London last March. Zoë More O'Ferrall is a London based commercial illustrator and has a very distinct, quirky style that makes me smile in an instant. When I heard that our friends from at{mine} teamed up with her for the Bloggers Tour London, I was excited to say at least. When I heard that she is going to illustrate our tour, I was very excited.

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From Place To Space: WExAtMine Styling Event In London

27 October 2014 0


Last week Judith and I were pretty happy and a tad proud of ourselves – as the founders of Urban Jungle Bloggers we had the honor to host a styling event in London. To be precise: We organized and hosted the styling event for the new interiors community {at mine}, a London based platform that is still in its beta phase but growing quickly.…

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Home Tour: Relaxed Scandi Feeling In London

5 September 2014 0


Here’s a little thought: If I had money and owned such a small apartment as the one I currently live in, I would hire a good architect to help me redesign the interior in a smarter and better way. I am often amazed by the work of experienced architects and interior designers when they create a small apartment.…

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From Place To Space: Colourful London Weekend

9 June 2014 2


Admittedly it is a few weeks ago that I spent a wonderful and colourful spring weekend in London with my friend Bridgee. We attended a blogger styling and photography workshop on a farm in East Sussex (I blogged about it HERE) but the rest of the weekend was reserved for some inspiring strolls throughout London.…

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