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Dolce Vita In Sicily – Part One

8 April 2015 1


A few weeks ago I set off to a full week of dolce vita, far niente and pasta and pizza galore. Obviously, my destination was Italy. To be more precise, its far south: the island of Sicily. As an avid traveler I have seen quite a bit of Italy so far, but Sicily was still a big white gap on my personal map – undiscovered terrain if you want so.…

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From Place To Space: Cassis & Marseille

10 June 2013 0


Like every week I want to take you on a little inspiring voyage to yet another place. Even though I am just back from Copenhagen, I still want to share my last impressions from the Provence, France, with you. You remember my first coverages HERE and HERE, and today I am taking you to the last stops on my sunny trip – to Cassis and Marseille.…

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Happily Ever After: Robyn Thompson

8 June 2012 0


Happy Friday, friends! Time to dedicate some space and time to a talented person. In my blog series ‘Happily Ever After’ I try to find interesting and inspiring artists who catch my eye and attention with their work. This week, I got all dreamy and inspired while browsing through the sublime portfolio of the photographer Robyn Thompson.  On her website you will find beautifully curated folders with topics such as Marrakesh, Paris, the Mediterranean or a leisurely weekend.…

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From Place To Space: Rhodes

6 May 2012 0


Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend and you are ready for a good and refreshed start into a new week (unless you are enjoying bank holidays and I envy you endlessly). To start the new week, let’s have a little inspirational trip together.…

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From Place To Space: Cyprus

27 February 2012 0


To celebrate upcoming spring, I am taking you today to the sunny island of Cyprus. The mythical birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, the island of ancient culture, old villages and lush beaches. Now let me tell you one thing: If you ever plan on visiting the island in the eastern Mediterranean, please consider staying in one of the mountain villages.…

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