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Mr. Jason Grant

MJG by Mr. Jason Grant

5 April 2016 3


MJG, Mr. Jason Grant, Homewares, Australian Style, Interior Styling

Interior styling wise I have always loved to peek to Australia. First of all, they always feature the most vivid and colourful summer stylings while we are stuck in grey winter and they have a very easy-going, playful approach and seem to be so gifted with colours – it must be the Australian sun influencing the down under style!…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

13 April 2013 0


Happy weekend, friends! This is a very quick weekend hello to all of you because I can’t help but wish you a beautiful and inspiring spring weekend wherever you are (probably for some of you it’ll be an autumn weekend)!  I am busy today as I will be lecturing all day long at the BLOGST Pro blogger workshop in Munich.…

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Happily Ever After With Mr. Jason Grant

12 January 2012 0


Now this Friday is all about colour! About the vibrant and happy colour palette by super cool Australian stylist and blogger Mr. Jason Grant. He has collaborated with Murobond for this fantastic colour range that is compiled of two themes: ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Welcome To My Wonderland’.…

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