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Flea Market in Munich

18 April 2016 3


Munich, flea market, Riesenflohmarkt, München, vintage, home decor, home accessories

There is always that one Saturday in April in Munich. Only once a year. And it is a Saturday when I am all excited and happy to rise and shine early in the morning. That Saturday was last weekend here in Munich.…

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24 Hours in Munich for Design*Sponge

9 March 2016 2


Munich travel guide, Munich hotel, design hotel Munich, Munich travel tips, Reisetipps München, München

Before I spam you with more New Zealand impressions here on the blog, let’s refocus on the city I am actually living in: Munich. As you might remember I was working on a 24-hours travel guide with my friend and photographer Lina Skukauske for Design*Sponge and shared some behing-the-scenes peeks here.…

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Munich Interiors

23 October 2015 2


Munich, interiors, interior design, München, new book, Munich interiors

There is one risk (among others) when you are a blogger: you end up circling in the same blogger world, looking for inspiration on other blogs, peeking into other bloggers’ homes and so on. Sometimes it feels like you forget that there are other people out there who (probably) have no touch point with interior blogs whatsoever.…

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Shop Love: ‘Room To Dream’ In Munich

28 November 2013 3


I usually discover the coolest and prettiest interior design stores while traveling the world like this one or this one, both in Vancouver, Canada. Sometimes I really forget to look around in my hood, that is in Munich, and discover new and inspiring stores just here in front of my nose.…

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