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9 July 2014 0


A few weeks ago I read an interesting story about the life and work of the French novelist Marguerite Duras. Ever since I feel the urge to read one of her most successful novels entitled ‘The Lover’ (L’Amant). It is an autobiographical story and placed in what nowadays is Vietnam.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

4 March 2014 0


Ok, when I saw this room on Pinterest I had an instant smile on my face. I’d say this room immediately passed the interior happiness exam, right? Of course the lovely dog might have played a major role, but I will keep the cute dog out of my further examination as I don’t want to consider him as a styling factor. Well…

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Wallpaper Love: Carl Collection By Sandberg

21 February 2014 0


Wallpaper is one of those elements in interior design that I really like but never had in any of my apartments so far. Probably because I never lived in a large space that could easily be used for wallpaper. However, the new Carl collection by Swedish manufacturer Sandberg is one of those that really makes me want to rethink my stance on wallpaper in small spaces.The…

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