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The Art of Nature with Domani x Solitair

12 March 2021 25


Domani, Solitair, planters, plants, nursery, Belgian design, pottery, plant pots, gardening, garden design

My love for nature and plants in particular is no big secret here. So whenever I spot something new in the sphere of plants, plant design, plant accessories and more, I am all ears. Or better yet: all eyes! Because I just came across these amazing news that I want to share with you today: the Belgian brand Domani, known for its hand crafted pottery from natural materials, presented their latest collection in the breathtakingly beautiful nursery Solitair close to Antwerp in Belgium.…

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

12 November 2013 0


Today’s room candy is apparently a little corner of a nursery – however, I wouldn’t mind myself to sleep in this cosy nook or read a book. After all, we all have our inner child somewhere hidden deep inside, right? But what makes this room so exceptional or better said, why did I catch my eye in the sea of beautiful interiors in the world wide web?…

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