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Dwell in Style in Paris

25 November 2015 6


Paris apartments, Paris interiors, Paris homes, interior design, pied-à-terre in Paris

Why is it good to have dreams? Because they keep inspiring us and they make us strive for a better self. And for interior lovers like you and I, it makes us strive for a better and more stylish home. That’s why I love to peek on sites that offer beautiful homes for sale.…

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Small Living In Paris

20 June 2015 7


Paris apartment, small living, small Paris apartment, Paris interiors

Most of you know that I have my pied-à-terre in Paris. Well in one way or another. Simply put: I am a frequent Paris visitor and a Paris dweller. Looking at Paris real estate has been quite a task and adventure over the past five years – I love to see what this city has to offer in this highly competitive market.…

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