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Interior Design Algebra: Pattern + Colour + Plant

11 September 2014 0


Algebra is not as boring as it seems. It just depends on what kind of arithmetic items you choose. In my case I like to add, substract, multiply or divide with interior design and decoration elements. Today’s equation is a very simple yet effective one: Add one unit of patterns to a nice unit of colour and add another item from the plant section and the result will be visual splendor. …

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Why This Room Caught My Eye

9 April 2013 0


It is April 9th and the only spring we have so far here in Munich is the spring we create and style in our happy homes. A bitter truth. But on the other hand, the eternal grey skies and cold temperatures gave me a lot of time to restyle my home and bring in a spring spirit with colours, textures, patterns, botanicals.…

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5 Happy Inspirations: Living Room Ideas

1 May 2012 0


Today, I am paying due attention to one of the most frequented rooms in homes, the living room. I start by carefully scrutinizing my own little living room: the dominating colours (black and white), the textiles, the furniture, the art, the style, the decoration.…

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