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Pflanze des Monats

Plant Of The Month: Chrysanthemum

24 October 2014 1


Today I am sharing the third and last part of my bilingual mini-series ‘Plant of the Month’ in collaboration with The plant of the month October is a cheerful indoor and outdoor companion, a perfect matchmaker for lovers of green houseplants and colourful blooms: the Chrysanthemums. …

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Plant Of The Month: Calathea

18 September 2014 6


Last month I introduced my new bilingual mini series called ‘Plant of the Month’ in collaboration with After the succulent Echeveria I am presenting the September’s plant to you – the wild beauty Calathea. This beautiful, lush plant stems from the Amazonas jungle and comes in a fascinating array of leaves – their remarkable patterns make the Calathea very decorative.…

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