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Happily Ever After: Photographer Anna Kern

19 July 2012 0


If you are interested in interior design, styling and photography, sooner or later you end up with something blissful from Scandinavia. Pristine interiors, a refined approach to styling, and design classics to please our craving for timeless beauty. That’s how I ended up on the website of Anna Kern, a Swedish interior and lifestyle photographer.…

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Happily Ever After: Pia Jane Bijkerk

12 July 2012 0


What happens if you wander the world, you live in Paris, on a boat in Amsterdam, in Australia? When you collect delicate little gems, transform vintage pieces into remarkable ideas for the home, have a refined sense for a romantic and eclectic style?…

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Happily Ever After: Robyn Thompson

8 June 2012 0


Happy Friday, friends! Time to dedicate some space and time to a talented person. In my blog series ‘Happily Ever After’ I try to find interesting and inspiring artists who catch my eye and attention with their work. This week, I got all dreamy and inspired while browsing through the sublime portfolio of the photographer Robyn Thompson. …

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Interior Design Perfection

2 May 2012 0


Ok, seriously, where have I been? How have I missed this photographer’s amazing work so far? How haven’t I seen his super stunning Stockholm apartment? I refer to the stylish home of Swedish photographer Jonas Ingerstedt. His home has been featured in Elle Deco UK (and other magazines I assume) and is oh so swoon worthy! …

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From Place To Space: London

4 March 2012 0


Today we are traveling to a city that I’ve visited many times and will keep visiting as I have many good friends living over there: London. The UK capital is the perfect weekend get-away destination for those moments when I feel bored, uninspired or in need of a bustling city adventure and shopping spree. …

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