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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

6 April 2013 0


I think I am a pretty visual person. Someone who detects and reacts to visual cues. I assume most of you are of the same kin as me, right? That’s why I love beautiful art, pretty things for my happy home, colourful goodies for my kitchen, great photography and so much more.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

9 February 2013 0


My biggest plan for almost every weekend is to have a good downtime. Time to relax and zoom out, sleep in and have looong breakfasts. However, this weekend is a bit different as I am in the middle of a few projects and need to finish some planning this weekend.…

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Friday’s Favorite Snapshots

13 December 2012 0


This week I was invited by fellow blogger Christine of ‘Somebody’s Home‘ to guest blog on the topic ‘home away from home’. As a passionate globetrotter and someone who has lived in various cities across Europe, I could easily connect to the topic of a home away from home.…

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

24 November 2012 0


Yesterday’s post was all about ‘colourful happiness’. But there is another side to happiness, too. I love black and white photography. Especially shots of foreign countries, cultures, people. These days I’ve stumbled over the fascinating work of one of Greece’s greatest photographers, Kostas Balafas who passed away last year.…

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Sponsored Post: Hello Canvas!

23 July 2012 0


Have you ever thought of this: How much do you love your digital snapshots? For example your Instagrams? I love mine. But I have never thought of bringing a tiny on-the-go Instagram shot onto real canvas. Not until I was approached by the German company ‘HalloLeinwand‘ (literally: Hello Canvas) and asked if I’d like to give it a try.…

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