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Happily Ever After: Robyn Thompson

8 June 2012 0


Happy Friday, friends! Time to dedicate some space and time to a talented person. In my blog series ‘Happily Ever After’ I try to find interesting and inspiring artists who catch my eye and attention with their work. This week, I got all dreamy and inspired while browsing through the sublime portfolio of the photographer Robyn Thompson. …

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Ideas For A Happy Weekend

4 May 2012 0


Why do we love weekends so much? Well I’ll tell you why I love weekends. Because I finally have some time for myself. Selfish? I wouldn’t say so. I strongly believe that we all need a little ‘time out’ just for ourself.…

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Happily Ever After: Stella Harasek

3 May 2012 0


If only my Finish was a bit better. Ok, ok, if only I understood Finish at all. Then I’d be able to tell you if this is the home of the Finish freelance writer and photographer Stella Harasek or this stylish home was just shot by her.…

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In Love: The Paris Print Shop

16 April 2012 0


Some of you might know that I am emotionally bound to Paris. The City of Light. The City of Love. Well, above all it is a fascinating city. Now, this weekend I am off to Paris again for a four days retreat and it came as a sort of coincidence that just yesterday one of my fellow bloggers and great Paris lovers, Nichole of Little Brown Pen, has announced the opening of her new web shop ‘The Paris Print Shop’. …

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Happily Ever After: Ingalls Photography

12 April 2012 0


When it comes to interior design or more generally to the beautiful things in life, we all aim to capture those precious moments forever. I am speaking of photography. With handy tools like smartphones and perfect apps like Instagram this not only becomes perpetually possible but fun, too.…

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